Photo: Beautiful buck forages from dwindling leaves

Our majestic photo of the day comes from Jackson County, Oregon.

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Does service of an abandonment notice allow you to change the locks?

This is a question to the blog clinic from Alice (not her real name) who is a landlord. I used an agent to let out a brand new apartment for me, which is my first ever time as a landlord. The agents found a tenant and said they had done all the checks on him. […]

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Landlord fined for putting ‘safety, well-being and lives’ of tenants at risk

A buy-to-let landlord has been ordered to pay almost £6,500 for renting out four houses in Nottingham without a license.

Dilip Gohil was penalised after failing to acquire HMO licenses for the properties, despite the fact that&nbs…

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Database of rogue landlords and agents to be introduced in April

It has been confirmed that a database of rogue landlords and letting agents as well as new banning orders will be introduced on April 6, 2018.

The database, which was initially announced last year as part of the Housing and Planning Act 2016 to…

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Council is slammed for siding with landlord who ‘illegally’ evicted family

Maidstone Borough Council has been criticised by a government watchdog and ordered to pay in excess of £4,000 after a private landlord unlawfully evicted a family of homeless refugees.

The young family, including two children, had bee…

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Shelter Scotland welcomes ‘reform of private renting’

The introduction of a new form of Scottish private residential tenancy has been welcomed by Shelter Scotland.

The new private residential tenancy (PRT), which was introduced last week, has replaced the previous assured tenancy regime f…

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Organic Sweet Potato Chili and Coconut Soup Recipe

Sponsored post Today I’m sharing my favourite sweet potato chili and coconut soup recipe.  Not only is it organic, but it’s vegan and vegetarian friendly too, As a vegetarian, I always find Christmas a difficult time food-wise.  When I think…

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Landlord Law Blog Roundup from 27th November

A quiet week at Landlord  Law Towers.  Typing is still tricky with my injured finger but the writing never stops. Today I have to do my regular column for Property Investor News as well as stuff for this blog, plus I have also started preparations for a big new promotion we will be running in […]

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Ten Things

Hello!  How are you on this fine Sunday?  Up to much today?  We are over on the west coast, albeit briefly, visiting my family.  I’m hoping to catch up with my lovely grandad – he’s 95 and loves to tell…

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