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6 Tips for Maintaining a Good Relationship With Your Tenant.

Maintaining a good relationship with your tenant is key to successfully letting out your property as a happy tenant is likely to become a long-term tenant who looks after your property or even tenant who refers other tenants to you and because of this, it is a smart business move to ensure you have a good relationship with your tenant. Here are some tips which you can use in order to make it happen:

1.Go through the conditions of the contract making it clear what the conditions of the tenancy are from the start which will help to avoid any miscommunication on what the tenants can and cannot do whilst living at the property.

2.Communication is key as there is a whole list of issues which could be simply talking things out and coming to a mutual agreement.

3.Make the property a home so your tenants are more likely to enjoy living at their property if it feels like a home. Simply buying a rug for the wooden living room floor or changing light bulbs for ones that are warm can make a huge impact on the property

4.Respect your tenant’s privacy. You absolutely do have the right to visit your property but respect the fact your tenant’s might not want you to pop by without notice. To ensure this does not become an issue let your tenants know in advance that you are coming over to visit.

5.Keep up to date with legislation especially if any changes in legislation concern the tenant’s safety. Make sure you inform your tenants of any changes which will impact them.

6.Deal with issues quickly and efficiently when your tenants call on you to sort issues out and you do it quickly, they learn that they can rely on you if things go wrong. If you are looking after the property for your tenants then this encourages them to look after the property too.

Finding the right tenants can be a difficult task, therefore it is easier to keep the good tenants you have happy.

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