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Organic Apples & Diet Coke: How Mindful Moderation Helps Me Live My Best Life

A reflection on my personal health journey and how mindful moderation helps me make thoughtful…

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Kid-Friendly Orange Hummus

Given their own devices, kids don’t always gravitate toward healthy, flavorful food. Have you noticed? LOL – I have too! But here’s another thing I’ve noticed: If you put out… Read More

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Creative Ways to Eat Healthy on a Budget

If there is ONE most important element to healthy living, I believe it’s eating healthy food. Why? It’s something we do (at least) three times a day, every day. It’s… Read More

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How Cast Iron Can Get You Unstuck from Non-Stick

Do you have a favorite non-stick pan (or two) that you can’t quite get rid of? Even though you’ve heard that non-stick pans are bad for your health and not great for… Read More

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