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How many homes should I view before making an offer?

First-time buyers and homeowners alike are always searching for the perfect formula to find your dream home. ‘How many homes should I view before making an offer?’ is one of the most asked questions, so we have put together our best advice on the subject so you can breathe easy as your search for your new home.

Reasons to be cautious:
  1. Plenty of properties are available
    There are always properties coming on the market, so it is important to look at a range of homes to get a feel for the area(s) that you are interested in.
  2. Learn lessons from previous viewings
    On each viewing, you will ask questions and find out information about the properties that you either like or dislike. This will help influence your decision about which home is right for you.
  3. Ticking off your wish list
    There is no need to rush into buying a property if it doesn’t fulfil your criteria. Keep looking at properties until you have found one that is right for you. However, be careful not to be too specific.
Reasons to take a risk:
  1. Properties leave the market as quickly as they appear
    It is important to remember that you are not the only person looking at properties. Someone can quickly put in an offer on the home you had your eye on if you spend too long deliberating.
  2. Filling your wish list
    If you find a property that ticks every box on your wish list, it is a good idea to not waste time in case other buyers are interested. Check with your estate agent if they have had many viewings on the property. Try not to be too impulsive; go away and spend a few days thinking about the property before making an offer.
Top tip:
If you are interested in a property, but not fully committed, you can test the waters by putting in an offer below your budget limit.
So, what’s the answer?
Sadly, there isn’t a magic number of properties you should view before making an offer. Buying a home is an important decision so you have to make sure you are comfortable with the property you are interested in.

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